Focos – DSLR Auto Blur Effect App install for android

Make Your Photo Blurish with Our FOCOS Blur Background App.

Blurish automatically detects main object from the image and automatically blur the background using Artificial Intelligence Technology so that you don’t have to do Hard Work to Select Object . You don’t have to select object from the image. We will do it for you.

With new image processing technical and blur filter, we make your photo more beautiful like take from DSLR digital camera addition blur effect filter background. You will have good experience and comfortable to use our application with many blur editor options. Also you can review your photo after you edit, we provide strong tool to you edit photo more easy.


Background blur effect like professional DSLR Camera.
Easy to use with friendly user interface of Blur Background.
Lots of photo effect
Blur some part or all of your photo.
Focus photo in the background of the photo.
Use brush to blur where you want.
Blur image background effect.
Have fun using Point Blur.
Share freely on social network.

DSLR camera blur background output is possible using blur filters with shapes overlays and easy blur effects.

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