Multi Face App install For Android

Want to login multiple accounts for Facebook and quick switch between them? Hope to download and save video from Facebook pages? This Video Downloader & Multiple Accounts is just for you!

🏆Multi Face – Video Downloader & Multiple Accounts🏆 is the first app that support login unlimited multiple accounts for Facebook and download video from the Facebook pages fast & free.

With this app, you can login unlimited accounts for Facebook as many as you want. For each account, you can browse your news feed, pages, timeline and your friends stories. Each of them is running in built-in browser with separated data and is isolated safely. What’s more, it doesn’t depend on the original Facebook app so it is much more stable and fast than other multiple account apps.

You can also easily download the video when you browse Facebook pages. It detect the video content and download with boosted speed. You can play and repost the videos offline as well.

Install 🏆Multi Face – Video Downloader & Multiple Accounts🏆 now!
– Free unlimited accounts support for Facebook
– Download FB video with url
– View Facebook feeds with the built-in browser with multiple account
– Snapshot and labels to help manage & switch accounts easily
– Video detection and download when browse video content
– Multi thread downloading with much higher speed than other downloader
– Notification and downloads history to manage the downloads: pause, resume, play & remove
– Play videos offline with the built-in video player
– Easy repost and share links
– Simple and easy to use
– Small size and low memory & battery consumption

How to Use :
1. Add accounts in Multi FB Downloader
2. Browse your Facebook accounts;
3. Switch accounts by press “Recent” key or tap “Accounts” button
4. Download or Watch video when video detected
– Copy or share the FB Video link to this app
– Click “GO” to download

Just so simple and easy to use!

– This app is a tool for Facebook but not affiliated with Facebook or any organization owned by Facebook.
– Please respect the copyright of the video owners. DO NOT download or share the videos without the permission granted by owner

If this app is helpful for you, please rate us 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. It will inspire our development a lot. Thanks!
If you want to feedback, please leaving your feedback or suggestion via “Feedback” menu in the app or email us via

Thanks very much for using this app!

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