Phone Usage Time App install For Android

Please watch the teach video to know how to use it.

If you too often use mobile phones, the screen light may hurt your eyes.
Please concern yourself ! Protect your eyes.

How to know the total time of phone screen on?
This application can help you record your phone usage time.

Each application usage time also will be recorded.

You can add a status bar to quick see APP usage time & quick launch APP.
You can use the calendar mode to view the total time you use every day.

【New Notification Bar function】(See screenshot picture 3)
You can see the usage time from notification bar.
And quick launch APP from the notification bar.

Important Note:
1. Some device need enable the “usage statistics permission”, Please enable it.
2. Please add “System Notification Bar” to check our service still running. (Add notification bar could prevent service be killed. And it is also a useful tool for quick launch APPs.)
3. Please don’t clean data in the system APP Info Page. (If clear data, recorded data will gone. If you really want clean data, you need re-open APP again for some device.)

Start to download it right now? Let you know more about your phone usage situation.

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